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Psync Camera Genie S
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Capture Your World From Every Angle with Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Capture Your World From Every Angle with Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Welcome to the first post in our Feature Friday series, where we'll highlight a new Psync Camera Genie S feature on Fridays. Pretty straightforward, right? Let's kick things off with our pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) feature. 

Did you know our Psync Genie S is one of the smallest PTZ cameras ever? Here are the benefits of having pan-tilt-zoom capabilities in your home camera:

  1. Intelligent Motion Tracking: The dual pan-tilt capability allows our camera to easily track subjects in the frame—pets, people, or vehicles. It follows them until they're out of frame, making it a breeze to capture your moments hands-free.
  2. Zoom In/Out: The zoom capability lets you get a closer and clearer view of specific areas, offering enhanced details for better identification. For instance, if you think your dog has something he shouldn’t, zoom in for a clearer look.
  3. Better Coverage: Swipe left/right or use toggles to change your camera's view. Unlike static cameras, our PTZ camera offers a full 350° view, letting you see your home from any angle.
  4. See More with Less: One Psync Genie S can capture it all. No need for multiple cameras; one does the job and can see everything.
  5. Remote Adjustments: PTZ allows users to remotely adjust the camera's field of view, providing flexibility in monitoring different areas without physically repositioning the camera. Do everything from your Psync app. It’s that simple!

We’re all about easy usage and accessibility for our users, starting with managing all your needs from our Psync app. Less manual work, more remote control!

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