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Psync Camera Genie S
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Stay Present With the Magic of Co-Watch and Live Stream

Stay Present With the Magic of Co-Watch and Live Stream

In a world where various factors may prevent us from being physically present with our loved ones, the Psync Camera Genie S emerges as the ultimate solution to overcome this obstacle. Instead of focusing on the challenge of not being physically present, our camera fulfills your desire to be virtually present, even when circumstances prevent it. With the 'Co-watch' and 'Live' features, the Psync Genie S eliminates the distance barrier, granting your wish to celebrate life's significant moments with family and friends. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of these features and a guide on how to use them:

  1. Always Be Present: Utilizing our two-way communication capabilities, Co-watch empowers you to see, speak, and feel as if you're physically present in the moment. This functionality enables you to effortlessly share your live feed with anyone, allowing them to join in on the experience with ease.
  2. Setting Up Your Co-Watch Live Stream:
    • Open the Psync app and go to the 'Live' feed interface.
    • Tap the (...) icon at the app's bottom right corner.
    • Select 'Co-watch' from the menu list.
    • Configure your Co-watch settings to your preferred options.
  3. Securely Share Your Moments: Ensuring the security of your Co-watch live feed is crucial, which is why we've implemented these security measures for your peace of mind:
    • Link duration: Choose between a time frame of 5, 10, or 30 minutes
    • Access password: Toggle this option to input a password that others must enter before accessing your Co-watch live feed.
    • Confirmation: Before creating a shareable link, you will receive a prompt reminding you of the link duration and how others can view your live feed through this link.
  4. Accessible to Everyone: Sharing your Co-watch live feed is a breeze! You can easily share it with anyone in your contacts or copy the link for manual sharing. Plus, the live stream works seamlessly on both mobile and web interfaces, allowing up to 4 devices to join in simultaneously. This way, your special moments become a shared experience, bringing joy to multiple friends or family members at the same time!

The Psync Camera Genie S isn't your everyday home or security camera; it's a connection to shared experiences that overcomes physical distances. In 2023, about three-quarters of U.S. adults rate spending time with family as one of the most important things to them personallyIn a world where being present matters, let our camera be your ally, ensuring you can celebrate, connect, and cherish important moments, regardless of the miles that may separate you from your loved ones. Embrace the power of presence with Psync Genie S, because every shared moment is worth cherishing.

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