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Psync Camera Genie S
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Understand Your Notifications the ViewSay™ Way

Understand Your Notifications the ViewSay™ Way

Navigating the landscape of home security cameras often comes with its share of frustrations, especially when other cameras provide vague event notifications that leave users in the dark. If you've used alternative security cameras, you may be familiar with the annoyance and confusion caused by the lack of information from event triggers. Picture this: you're out with friends, and suddenly, your phone alerts you of a motion alert, inducing a wave of fear and confusion.

Now, imagine a world where you receive a notification, and instead of diving into the app to decipher the reason behind the motion alert, you can understand it at a glance.

ViewSay™, powered by GPT-enabled AI technology, transforms your notifications into easily comprehensible text. With Psync Camera Genie S and ViewSay, eliminate the fear and confusion that often accompanies security alerts. Now, your notifications offer clarity and context right from the start, making your surveillance experience seamless and stress-free. T o gain a better understanding of the practical benefits of ViewSay™ AI technology in home security, let's explore further:

          1. Instant Understanding For Enhanced Security: Psync's ViewSay™ doesn't leave you guessing. Instead of receiving cryptic alerts, the camera transforms visual information into clear text descriptions, providing clear and immediate insights of the situation.  View your notifications and details at a glance without the need to open the app every time to understand what's happening.
          2. Customize Your Notifications With PsyncAlerts: Tailor alerts to your preferences with PsyncAlerts, a component of ViewSay™. Enjoy the flexibility to set up alerts for specific events or objects, ensuring you receive only the notifications that matter most to you.
          3. Remote Awareness: Stay connected with your home wherever you are. By receiving text-based updates on your mobile device, you will always have remote monitoring capabilities and awareness even when you're away from home.
          4. Peace of Mind: Psync's ViewSay™ ensures peace of mind with clear, detailed notifications and a sample video shot image. No more guesswork—your camera interprets and conveys relevant information, contributing to a proactive and informed surveillance system.

    In a market saturated with generic event notifications, Psync Genie S with ViewSay™ stands out as a beacon of clarity. Experience the Psync revolution in surveillance technology as your notifications become instantly comprehensible, providing a real-time understanding of your home’s surroundings. With Psync, security is not just about seeing but truly understanding. Elevate your home security game with Psync's ViewSay™, now available for just $0.99/month. Download the Psync app today and see security differently! 

    To learn more about our ViewSay™ features, watch our video here.

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