GPT-Enabled AI Technology

Understand Your World with Unprecedented Simplicity

Utilizing GPT technology, ViewSay™ reacts to your input with customized monitoring, insightful instant push notifications, and custom content curated just for you.

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"A girl is watching TV"

Notification insights at a glance

ViewSay™ converts what the camera sees into visual and text descriptions providing clear and immediate insights into your daily events.

"Where is my dog?"

Define your moments with keywords

Organizes your content by keywords, phrases, or descriptions so you can see exactly what you want without endless scrolling and searching.

"Where is the baby?"

Stay informed with custom push alerts

ViewSay™ smartly captures key moments and sends event-specific notifications, filtering out false alarms and unnecessary frequent alerts.

"Today’s stories"

Organize your daily highlights

Groups consecutive videos of similar events in chronological order so you can quickly find and understand what matters most to you.

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Psync Grows with You

Our AI is still learning and growing, just like a curious child. The more that you see and hear, the faster it can learn and grow. With everyone's patience and support, we believe that we can create something truly special. In the future, we will continue to update and release new versions of our product, with more ways to play and explore. We hope you will join us on this journey!

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